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Romanescu Park

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Parcul Nicolae Romanescu is a park in Craiova, Romania. It was designed by the French architect Édouard Redont and constructed between 1901 and 1903. It is considered the largest natural park in eastern Europe.

This park has a few interesting features:

The Suspended Bridge – a suspended bridge built in 1901–1902.
The Charmed Castle – a castle (a former restaurant) on one of the hills, near the bridge.
The Craiova Hippodrome – inaugurated in 1903, used for trotting and galloping horse races and is now used for athletics competitions.
The lake – a lake with a fountain in the middle of the park. The lake can be seen wild ducks. The surface covered by water in the park is over 4 Hectares.
Glorieta (the belvedere dome) – is on a hill at the entrance to the park behind the bust of Nicolae Romanescu.
The zoo – one of the oldest zoological gardens in Romania. It hosts a large number of exotic animals such as jaguar, tigers, lions, African ostrich, emu, bears, wolves, capuchin monkeys, rabbits, deer, goats and llamas. You can also see birds such as white stork, Asian peacock, pheasants, guinea fowl and much more. It is close to the lake.
It is the third largest park in Europe. The total area of the park is 94 Hectares.
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DSCN3951buildingsm DSCN3952buildingsm

The Charmed Castle was built in 1905 with the purpose of concealing the water tower in the park. It was built in a romantic style and was one of the meeting places for the people of Craiova. The castle is located near the Suspension Bridge.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 6 December 2020
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DSCN3954bridgesm DSCN3958bridgesm

DSCN3955bridgesm DSCN3960bridgesm

The Suspension Bridge was built in 1901–1902.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 6 December 2020

DSCN3956bridgesm DSCN3957bridgesm

View from the Suspension Bridge.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 6 December 2020

DSCN3965lakesm DSCN3961lakesm

DSCN3966lakesm DSCN3967lakesm

DSCN3966lakesm DSCN3967lakesm

DSCN3973lakesm DSCN3974lakesm

The lake.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 6 December 2020

DSCN3978sculpturessm DSCN3980sculpturessm


Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 6 December 2020

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