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Medical Facilities in Oltenia

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Filișano Hospital

Filișano hospital has many departments, including internal diseases, surgical, gynaecology and pediatrics.

The hospital serves the entire area of north west area of Dolj county, and important parts of Gorj and Mehedinti counties to the north and west.

The hospital is situated on the west side of Filiași town, on the right of the main road to Drobeta Turnu-Severin.

Filishano Hospital
The main entrance to the hospital.

Filishano HospitalFilishano Hospital
The emergency entrance, in front of the old hospital, with a statue of Dimitrie Filișanu, the founder in 1896 of the hospital.

The plaques commemorate the 100th anniversary in 1996 of the opening of the hospital, and the opening of refurbishment at that time.

Filishano Hospital

Another wing of the new hospital, completed in 1996.

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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