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Aquae Revival Project

Presentation of the Motive for the Project

1. The promotion of the elements of cultures and civilization of a country is an obvious and important way in which, preceded by identification of priorities, the preservation of these historical studies may be achieved.

2. The current situation at the site is at present unacceptable, in the sense of the identification and preservation of the values of heritage and legacy. Their promotion is deficient in many ways.

3. By a continuous project of identification, research, and objective promotion of cultures and civilisation there can be obtained a three-fold effect:

a. These deserve a proper corresponding standard of preservation which is necessary for an appropriate thorough and professional study of the site.

b. The specific promotion of the site will create on a national, even on an international level, a beneficial image of the history of the specific site, and the history and culture of the people.

c. Finally if these values are instigated and followed, they will lead to activities such as thematically based tourism, which is another strength of the project, representing an important source of income and the creation of extra employment in the district.

Important Determinants 1. The Alexis Study Project, in the last five years, has been conducted across more than 70 locations in South West Romania. This process of identification, rescue and promotion of the cultures and civilisation of our country, through self financing, on the ground and through partnership with specific regional institutions such as the Oltenia Museum.

This continual effort resulted in several progressive general reports of the results of these activities which showed evidence of deficient management under the headings of identification, conservation and the promotion of these locations.

2.The comparative evaluation of the state of these sites with the aggressive management of similar sites in other developed, wealthy and civilised countries indicates in a clear and explicit way the lack of initiative and lack of local interest which results in the consequent negative impacts on our culture and economy.

3. For five years the successful Alexis Project, covering about 5% of its objective, the art of the South West zone of the country, has contributed decisively in 10 cases to the identification and rescue of seminal elements of our Romanian heritage.

4. Intense illegal commercialisation of our valuable heritage may be fought through specific legal means, but may also be reduced by direct competition by profitable institutions specialising in these assets.

AQUAE REDIVIVA. 1.Prezentare sintetica. In zona satului Cioroiul Nou , com. Cioroiasi din judetul Dolj este identificata si studiaTa in prezent o locatie istorica a carei existenta se confirma cu peste 3500 de ani in urma (epoca bronzului ),pana in secolul XVIII si in prezent. Aici este identificata cea mai mare fortificatie de pamant din secolul II –perioada Romana timpurie de care s-au alipit ulterior asezari civile astfel incat obiectivul are o suprafata de 20 Km_, acoperind teritoriul satului Cioroiul Nou cat si zona de est din afara acestuia . Studii de specialitate au confirmat valoarea deosebita a sitului care ,pe langa fortificatia de tip militar, contine si cladiri administrative si civile concentrate pe o suprafata de aproximativ 6 hectare. Exista studii controversate care atribuie acestei localitati denumirea Malva (capitala Daciei Malvensis,provincie Romana) sau Aquae unde este semnalata prezenta la mijlocul secolului III a Imparatului Roman Filip Arabul in batalia cu carpii .Pe parcursul mai multor ani de cercetari s-au identificat si studiat elemente de ceramica pictata , arme de bronz, podoabe si obiecte de cult transpuse in comunicari stintifice specifice. Aquae Rediviva

1. Presentation Summary

In the region of Cioroiul Nou village, Comuna Cioroiaşi of Dolj County has been identified as an area for the study of historical sites in the area reaching back 3 500 years, from the Bronze Age until the present.

Here are identified some large fortifications of earth from the 2nd Century - from the period of the Romans - who had annexed and subsequently settled the region for an area of 20 square Kilometres, including all of the area of Cioroiul Nou as well as the eastern zone.

Studies by specialists have confirmed the value of distinguishing the situation which, besides the military fortification, contains also administrative and civil buildings, concentrated in an area of approximately six Hectares.

Controversial studies exist which attribute this locality with either the names of Malva (the capital of Daciei Malvensis, a Roman province) or Aquae where the presence of the Roman Emperor Philip the Arab was recorded during the third century AD while battling the Carpathians.

Exista studii controversate care atribuie acestei localitati denumirea Malva (capitala Daciei Malvensis,provincie Romana) sau Aquae unde este semnalata prezenta la mijlocul secolului III a Imparatului Roman Filip Arabul in batalia cu carpii .Pe parcursul mai multor ani de cercetari s-au identificat si studiat elemente de ceramica pictata , arme de bronz, podoabe si obiecte de cult transpuse in comunicari stintifice specifice. 2.Plan de intentie . Alexis Project initiaza acest proiect cu urmatoarele obiective : a. Facilitarea unei activitati de specialitate complete pe aceasta locatie . b.Promovarea si publicarea rezultatelor obtinute sub forma unei monografii de specialitate. c. Crearea de facilitati pentru o scoala pilot in domeniul arheologiei, materializata intr-o tabara de vara pentru studentii de profil, cu activitati comlexe. d.Reconstituirea asezarii si a fortificatiei in sensul unei restaurari de specialitate . e. Promovarea turismului tematic pentru aceasta locatie pe un traseu care cuprinde si alte obiective de interes turistic cu efecte benefice pe plan economic si de promovare a acestora . f. Promovarea agresiva a locatiei pe plan national si international sub aspect stintific de unitate pilot cat si sub aspectul turismului tematic. ETAPELE PROIECTULUI. 1.Preliminare : -gruparea si sintetizarea informatiilor stintifice legate de obiectiv, - realizarea unei harti exacte a sitului care sa cuprinda toate activitatile si identificarile efectuate in teren de-a lungul timpului, - asimilarea contractuala de parteneri pentru realizarea proiectului (Muzeul Olteniei,Ministerul de Resort, organul Administratiei locale , alte entitati ), - atragerea de finantari din proiecte nationale si internationale si sponsorizari diverse , - realizarea unei comisii cu compozitie echilibrata pentru managementul complet al proiectului, - asiguratea de servicii de consultanta juridica de promovare si de specialitate pentru a asigura buna desfasurare a proiectului, - estimari logistice , de cercetare si promovare, defalcate calendaristic sub forma unui grafic de activitati pe intervalul de timp asumat - asigurarea consultatiei de specialitate si a cadrului legal in vederea restaurarii obiectivului, - pre-contractari , acorduri si protocoale cu toti factori implicati in cercetarea , identificarea si salvarea , restaurarea si rentabilizarea sitului. 2. Principalele etape ale proiectului : - cercetarea fluenta a sitului ; - ceearea de scoala de vara complementara lucrarilor de cercetare si restaurare a sitului ; - asigurarea de facilitati curente (transport, cazare, masa , activitati de specialitate si divertisment ) ; - managementul de specialitate al activitatilor de specialitate , precum si derularea acestora ; - stabilirea de simultaneitati pentru diveritele tipuri de activitati. 3.Etapa finala : - publicarea unei monografii de specialitate asupra sitului ; - publicarea pe plan national si international al proiectului in scopul repetarii acestuia in alte locatii ; - introducerea obiectivului in circuitul national si international al turismului. ONG Alex

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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