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Bridges connecting the Peoples of the World - a Country without a Past has no Future!
Click here for the song "M-a facut muica oltean" or "I was born in Oltenia" by the Allegretto children's chorus




Romanian Popular Culture Past and Present

 Romanian War of Independence, 1877-1878
Samples of maps from a rare book on the Romanian War of Independence, 1877-1878.

Bucharest Cemetery
Adrian has recorded some of the displays at a private ethnographical museum in Ponoarele village, Mehedinti County.

Bucharest Cemetery
In the southern part of the capital of Romania, Bucharest, there is the most important cemetery of the country, Belu, a very important historical monument where funeral architecture from at least the last two hundred years may be seen.

New Year
On New Years Eve 2014/2015, Adrian and Alexandru went to Craiova to celebrate. It was a hot event, even though the temperature was about -20 degrees Celsius!

The song close to the hearts of Oltenians, 'My mother made me Oltenian', has a very fascinating story, and it seems that this song was made in honour of John Jianu in 1809 by the fiddler Nita Balo, of Isalnita. The Prince had cut off the fingers of the fiddler's right hand so that the people would not rise in revolt from hearing his songs, but he did not stop singing.

The Bordei Project. Bordei is a type of housing known in Romania and neighbouring countries under the name borrowed from Romanian. It is the oldest known permanent home in Romania, found in archaeological sites from prehistory to modern times. They remained as dwellings until after the First World War in Romania, often overlooking the plains of the Danube. NGO Alexis Project wants to make in the Vogna Valley a small reconstruction of a village using Bordei houses around the ruins of the 19th Century church there.

Adrian has a small company which produces hand-made toys. He has a USA invention certificate for a 'moving faces' toy. He strongly believes that a toy has to be ecologically friendly, first, as to materials, paints and so on, as well as being interactive, cheaper than others, animated, and interesting for children, depending on their age.

craiova salt

In Craiova a young man has built a kind of salt mine, in the middle of the town, with a lot of facilities for stress, lung disease, nose and ear infections, also rheumatism problems or just for a rest cure.

craiova cemetery

In Craiova there is a Children's Park with large spaces for play and entertainment. Even in winter many parents take their children to play there.

craiova cemetery

Craiova is the main city in the Oltenia area, and it has a huge cemetery in which there are hundreds of tombs, some of which are important for this site on Romanian culture and history.

New Years Eve 2010/2011

On New Years Eve 2010/2011 Adrian and Alina went to Craiova to celebrate. Here we show the world the main town of the entire Oltenia area, Craiova. It was beautifully decorated for the occasion.

Macedonski House

The ghost house of Alexandru Macedonski (1854-1920), Romanian poet, writer and literary critic.

Craiova Football Stadium

Craiova football stadium is the home grounds of the Universitatea Craiova team, which Alexandru is a passionate fan of.

Posters These posters give some idea of the wide range of activities and research conducted by the Alexis Project.

Legends Mihai Emenescu at Filiaşi

Legends Legends of Romania

Exhibition Exhibitions

Ethnoarta Ethnoarta

Romanian Architecture An overview of interesting examples of Romanian Architecture from Alexandru Gheorghe and Nitu Valentin.

Constantin Para Constantin Para was a gifted potter and restorer of ancient pottery. His knowledge of the pots of the Gârla Mare (Garla Mare, Girla Mare) and other neolithic pottery was encyclopaedic.

Brick Making Hand Made Bricks

 Romania's National Day Romania's National Day

 Cin Fishing on the rivers of Oltenia

Tools Tools

Romanian Lock Door Locks

Brancusi Sculptures of the Romanian Artist, Brâncuși

love carving The making of a Romanian folk art sculpture

pain sculpture The creation of the "Pain" sculpture

troitza Troitza and other crosses

  springs200x100.jpg Springs and Wells of Oltenia

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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