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Forgotten Heroes

This page is to honour people who have died, but have not received the recognition they deserve

Sub-Lieutenant Stancu Barbu
Sub-Lieutenant Stancu Barbu, Hero of Romania, was killed in World War II while defending his homeland.

Stancu Family Heroes
Stancu Family Heroes.
Sergeant Stancu Dumitru was wounded during WWI, and was the father of Stancu Barbu, and also the father of Dr Gheorghe's mother, Maria. Others include Sub Lieutenant Stancu Constantin, who died during WWII, the son of a brother of Stancu Dumitru, and Stancu Dumitru (Bebica), who served as a pharmacist in WWII.

Mihai Emenescu , the greatest Romanian poet, at Filiaşi.

Grivitza Battle During the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878, Grivitza was the location of an important Ottoman position featuring several redoubts and acting as part of the defensive fortifications of Pleven. The Battle of Grivitza was part of the prolonged Siege of Plevna which resulted in the death of many Russian and particularly Romanian soldiers: the losses of the Romanian units in this battle were the largest for the entire war.

W. Kaiserling Dr. Walter Kaiserling became chief surgeon of the Army Reserves, and was stationed on the Russian front in 1918. When the Bolsheviks took over Russia and made peace with Germany, he was sent home. On the way home the train stopped in Romania, and the troops on the train were asked if any doctors were on board as the local doctor had died. Dr Kaiserling got off the train to tend to the sick, contracted Typhoid Fever and Diptheria and died. He left behind a wife, a 5 year old daughter, and a son, 7 months old. He was interred on 30th January 1918 at 0300 in Craiova, Romania.

Radovan Forest
The ghost of the Midnight Bride from Radovan.

Constantin Para
Constantin Para was a gifted potter and restorer of ancient pottery. His knowledge of the pots of the Gârla Mare (Garla Mare, Girla Mare) and other neolithic pottery was encyclopaedic.

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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