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Reconstructions of Ancient Artefacts

Orsova Ballista
The remains of a ballista were found in the Roman Fort in Orşova during rescue archaeology in the 1960s before the rising waters of the Danube behind a dam covered the site. Nick Watts has made 'Firefly', a powerful, superb and accurate reconstruction of the Roman ballista found at Orşova. He has also treated it as a scientific endeavour, with careful and accurate measurements of velocity, energy, range and accuracy, something which has never been attempted in modern times.

Making a Roman suit of Armour Making a Roman Suit of Armour

Making a Roman Tunic Making a Roman Tunic

Making a Roman Flag Making a Roman Flag

Making an Eagle Making a Roman Eagle

Making a Bow Making a Bow

Making an Adze Making an Adze

Making Arrows Making Arrows

Roman Sandals Making Roman Sandals

Hafted axe Hafting a Stone Axe

Hafted blade Hafting a Stone Blade

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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