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Romanian Buildings

Kula defence tower Adrian went to Cernatesti, Dolj county, to see the Kula (a traditional defence tower from the XVIIth century) there. Although it has been stated that this important historical monument is the target of a project to be repaired it was found to be in a very bad condition.

 Marincu Chapel In the middle of Calafat town, Dolj County, there is a beautiful old house, a historical monument, which belongs to the Marincu family, a very rich local owner. Also, in the local cemetery, NGO Alexis Project discovered a funeral monument which also belongs ot the Marincu family, but is not classified as a historical monument. Having in mind the beauty of the Filishano Chapel, from Filiasi, Dolj County, NGO Alexis Project decided to start proceedings to claim the Marincu Chapel as a historical monument, in accordance with the rules of the law, to be protected, promoted and repaired in the best possible manner.

Valea Manastiri Village Church This is a beautiful new church in the Valea Manastiri Village, Gorj County.

Vidin Military Building Adrian has made an evaluation of an old building from the 18th Century close to the Baba Vida Fortress in Vidin, Bulgaria. It appears to be an old military storage complex, which is today in bad condition even to be repaired as a local museum. The building is a classical one, with huge stone walls and beautiful handmade wooden structures inside it. .

lichiardopol houseRecently the Alexis Project has made an evaluation at the request of the owner of a house known as Lichiardopol House, in Corabia town, Olt County. This house, a local historical monument, was built by a rich owner, Lichiardopol, at the end of the 19th century, and today belongs to a man who is ready to do everything necessary to improve the building and restore it to its former glory. The house is a huge one, with 31 rooms, made completely in brick, with two wings and a central section connecting them. The house is still sound, dry, with large windows and large doors, but it needs a lot of work to bring it back into good condition.

Gorj County
In the north-east part of Gorj county can be seen many old traditional houses, many of them ornamented with a lyre, an ancient Roman/Greek musical instrument. Some have wood worked in a very clever way. It is a poor economical area, but beautiful by its traditions and cultures. This area is a real wonderland for tourists, and only needs a little promotion.

romanian ghost project Gighera Zaval
Gighera - Zaval, a Ghost Project - there are a number of EU cross-border projects promoting tourism themes, showing Gighere - Zaval as being a beautiful place to attract tourists. It is placed on the bank of the Jiu River, not far from the Danube River, near a beautiful wild forest, with wooden cabins for tourists and many other facilities, but today the area is a ghost village, with damp houses, burnt terraces, not protected, not promoted, empty, waiting for the future that it deserves………

Adincata Building

In the Adincata Village area, on the right bank of the Amaradia River, on top of the hill, is a beautiful old building, now used as a school.

Adormirea Maicii Domnului church (1743)
Alexandru, Adrian and Alina went to Adormirea Maicii Domnului church (1743) in the village of Muiereni, Goiesti area. This is a very old church, renovated many years ago, that has a very simple architectural style, specific to very old churches in that period.

Nicolae church  Building
Alexandru, Adrian and Alina went to Adancata village, in the Goiesti area, on the right bank of the Amaradia River, to search for the old church of Sf Nicolae built in 1866.

arhangeli church
The Church of Sf. Arhangeli, Bistreţ commune is a historic church, built in the 19th century. It is of the paleo-Christian Basilica type, with no steeple but with a porch, narthex (the entrance or lobby area, located at the end of the nave, at the far end from the church's main altar) and nave. It is made of simple brick, plastered, without foundation stones or concrete. The monument is not marked properly, has no electricity, and is protected by bars on the windows and a simple lock on the door. An evaluation report has been prepared.

Badosi Ghost Church
On the main road between Craiova and Bechet harbour, Dolj County, about 25 km south of Craiova, in the municipality of Bratovoiesti, in Badosi village, there is a ghost church built in the 18th century, near the village. This old church seems to have been forgotten by the people, having part of the roof fallen in, and severe damage on part of the inside walls. The Saints painted on the walls have all lost their eyes, removed for unknown reasons. There is a story that wizards used the powdered paint of the eyes for magic rituals, while others say that the pictures were defaced by Turkish soldiers in the 19th century, but no one knows for certain.

Butoiesti Church Butoiesti Church

  filishano200x100.jpg Filishano

  Julias castle Filișano Hospital

pantelimon church  Building
Adrian, Alina and Alexandru were in Goiesti village to visit a church in the area, Sf Pantelimon Church. The church was built in 1816, and is still beautiful, and is in the process of reconstruction.

Goiesti Church The Alexis Project for the repair of the ancient church at Vogna aims to preserve and restore the Patrimony of Romania.
An important initiative has begun, with the first steps towards making a protective roof for the Vogna historic church.

Goiesti Church The Alexis Project has received authorisation to repair Vogna, and the project is now well under way.
This page is an archive of the work up to the end of the work season in 2012.

Golumbelu Church Golumbelu Church - this 19th Century church in the northern part of Dolj County is still in reasonably good condition, but needs urgent repairs, which will be expensive. The church has beautiful paintings on its walls, and is protected against vandals, but it is not marked as a historical monument.

Gradistea Church A beautiful painted church at Gradistea, in the northern part of Oltenia.

Grojdibodu  Church
Adrian found this old forgotten church in Grojdibodu village, Olt County. It is very old, possibly from the 1700s, an unknown ghost church. Many churches like this are lying in bad repair, even destroyed, in the whole Oltenia area. The church was originally one of the famous traditional Romanian painted churches, but all of the paintings are now being destroyed by neglect and the weather, which is no longer kept out by the roof. There are a lot of old stone crosses around it, now forgotten and falling over in disrepair.

Gruita Church

Gruita Church is badly in need of repair and conservation. This photograph shows its former glory, but it is now nearly ruined.

  Julias castle Julia's Castle

Ghost Buildings Ghost Church near Lipovu Mic, the small and secluded Convent of Lipovu de Sus, which was a centre for monastic life from 1569 to 1714.

Macedonski House

Macedonski House

Malaiesti Church

In the village named Malaiesti is a beautiful church from the 19th century, with very fine paintings above the main entrance.

Mecea Ghost Buildings This is the ancient wooden village of Mecea, with wooden shingle or shake roofs, in Romanian "Shitza". Many of the houses are empty and ruined, made all of wood including the roof, with many important elements for ethnography, and very beautiful.

Melinesti Church

Melinesti Church is a newly built and very interesting church, one kilometre west of Melinesti village, Dolj County. The church was built about 1980 with the name "Sf.imparati Constantin si Elena". The church is at the GPS point 44.594948N 23.686066E.

Peles Castle Peles Castle and Prahova Valley

Răcari Church Ghost Church from Răcari

Radovan Church Old wooden church from the Radovan area.

Strehaia Monastery Strehaia Monastery

Tamburesti Church
On the main road betwen Craiova and Bechet, in the village of Tamburesti, there is a beautiful 19th century church. It is in a good setting, was well built in the first place, and is a good example of how an ancient church can be looked after and serve the people. The cemetery and the yard around the church are in very good condition, and it is a real pleasure to see what good people can do for their community and their old church. The church is still in use, a beautiful model of the good Christianity of my people.

Ghost Buildings Ghost Buildings from Turberea / Poiana village, Gorj County

Tutana Monastery Tutana Monastery

Răcari Church Ghost building from Valea Lui Pătru.

Vladimir Church
Vladimir Church is a Ghost Church near Vladimir Village, in the northern part of Dolj County, is a 19th Century construction on a hill, just inside the village, with a small water source below it. The church is totally destroyed, and the cemetery near it is also derelict. There are only a few parts of paintings on the broken walls, although the stone from the main room of the church is still there. Trees and other vegetation are everywhere inside the buildiong, and it is now dangerous to go inside the church.

Vodita Monastery Vodita Monastery

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