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Bridges connecting the Peoples of the World - a Country without a Past has no Future!
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Romanian Caves

Coliboaia Cave The oldest cave paintings in Central Europe, estimated at between 23 000 and 35 000 BP, have been discovered by a team of Romanian speleologists at the Coliboaia Cave, Romania.

Grota Miresei Grota Miresei, The Bride's Cave, and the Unirea Salt Mine

ponoarele Ponoarele Cave and God's Bridge - a beautiful area under threat of disintegration.

Grota cu Aburi, Steam cave Grota cu Aburi, Steam Cave

outlaw's cave The Outlaw's Cave

women's cave The Women's Cave

Polovragi cave Polovragi Cave

Polovragi cave Peștera cu Oase

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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