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The Alexis Project - Proiectul Alexis

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This page was translated from English to Romanian by

Alex and Ted from The Alexis Project Young Team, Ploiesti

Alexis Project

The Alexis Project is the work of a small group of people interested in preserving the prehistory and history of the Oltenia District of Romania, and increasing knowledge of this area of Romania, as well as other parts of Romania close by. The publications of this group give valuable insights into this area in the south west of Romania, on the tributaries of the Danube.

Proiectul Alexis reprezinta munca unui mic grup de romani interesati in conservarea preistoriei si istoriei regiunii lor si in acumularea de cunostinte despre aceasta zona. El da o imagine valoroasa a regiunii sud-vestice a Romaniei, pe afluentii Dunarii.


Adrian would like to introduce to you a new member of the NGO team, who joins our older friend, Roxy, the jumping frog. Her name is Aghata, and comes from a place Adrian dreams of visiting.

So, Aghata is ready to say 'Hi!'

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 17th April 2015

list 2014

Updated 2014 list with NGO Alexis Project activities.

list 2014

Documentation of NGO Alexis Project activities in 2014.

Bulgarian ID card Bulgarian ID card

Gheorghe Adrian ID Card as a consultant in Bulgaria.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 3rd March 2014

Report 2013

2013 NGO Alexis Project Raport

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 31st December 2013

Report 2013

2013 NGO Alexis Project Raport

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 31st December 2013

Award Nominations 2013

Nominations of the NGO Alexis Project for Culture and Heritage for the year 2013

By tradition, in December of each year the Alexis Project publishes its Nominations for special activities in the field of the Cultural Heritage of Oltenia.

National / Oltenia Section:

The Award of the Golden Phoenix is awarded to students from the University of Architecture, 'Ion Mincu', Bucuresti, for their "Students' Camp" in Goiesti Commune, Dolj County, August 2013.

The Award of the Silver Phoenix is awarded to Don Hitchcock, Armidale, Australia for outstanding efforts in the constant promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Oltenia, from 2007 to the present.

The Award of the Bronze Phoenix is awarded to Dr Florin Ridiche, Manager of the Oltenia Museum of Craiova/Dolj, for wonderful work in scientific research and promotion of the Archaeological Sites of Desa/Dolj.

International Section: The Award of the Platinum Phoenix is awarded to the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria for implementation of a European project of restoration of the Roman Archaeological site of Ihtiman, Trayanova Vratsa, Sofia District, Bulgaria.

The special Nomination of the Award of the Outstanding Phoenix is awarded for outstanding compliance in the management and promotion of archaeological sites to:

***, for the restoration of Roman archaeological sites in Oltenia
City of Karbinci, Macedonia, for the Roman site of Bargala
City of Vratsa, Bulgaria, for their work on the natural site of Ledenica Cave.


President of the NGO Alexis Project

Dr Adrian Gheorghe.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 9th December 2013

Raport Alexis 2012

Raport MO Farcas 2011

Raport Goiesti 2010

Cioroui Nou Report 2010

Radovan Report 2010

Report for 2009

newspaper report
This shows a newspaper report about the activities of the Alexis Project in cooperation and partnership with authorities such the Oltenia Museum. It is further evidence of the importance of this organisation in furthering the aims of the preservation of Romanian Culture and History.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 14th July 2008

Draft Projects of Alexis Proiect Team and Oltenia Museum for 2008, April 2008

Alexis Proiect search - GPS points on the maps of the main targets of Alexis, April 2008

Here is the latest report (June 2008) on the activities of the Alexis Project, in Word Format.

Aquae Rediviva Project - Proiect Preliminar "Aquae Rediviva" April 2008

Proiect "Ong" April 2008

Proiect "Cioroiu Nou" April 2008

The group consists of the following members:

Grupul este format din urmatorii membri:

Adrian Gheorghe

Adrian Gheorghe (Curriculum Vitae), who is the prime instigator of all present day, historical and archaeological investigations in Romania for the Alexis Project.

This wonderful photograph by Alexandru, Adrian's son, captures the passion, integrity, and courage of a great man.

Adrian Gheorghe, (Curriculum Vitae), prim promotor al tuturor actiunilor istorice si arheologice din ziua de azi pentru proiectul Alexis, in Romania.

Adrian Gheorghe and Maria Amelia Negut

This is a drawing by Maria Amelia Negut, the youngest member of the Alexis Project team, of Adrian and herself.

Adrian writes that this image should be on the website, so people can see how handsome he is!

Bodaiesti Tell

This is a wonderful photograph of Adrian, taken by his son Alexandru at the end of a day of exploration of Bodaiesti Tell. It could only have been taken by an artist, and someone who knows and loves his subject deeply.

Adrian works so hard for his country, and devotes so much time and effort to Romania's history and prehistory.

Someday Adrian will be recognised more universally.

Photo: Alexandru Gheorghe 7th November 2010

Adrian Gheorghe and friend

This is a picture of Adrian and one of his little friends...

---- With the Famous Red Dacia in the picture too, of course!

Don Hitchcock

Don Hitchcock, based in Australia, who is responsible for organising the photographs and data and publishing them on this website.

He is also the webmaster for a site specialising in archaeology,, and it is anticipated that appropriate pages from the Alexis Project website will be adapted for use on Don's Maps, which the Alexis Project website was originally part of.

Don Hitchcock, stabilit in Australia, responsabil cu organizarea fotografiilor si a datelor si publicarea lor pe acest website.

Este si webmasterul unui website specializat in arheologie, , si ne asteptam ca in viitor anumite pagini de pe website-ul Proiectului Alexis sa fie adaptate pentru a putea fi folosite pe Don’s Maps, site din care a facut parte Proiectul Alexis la inceputurile sale.


Alina Neagoe, a nurse based in Romania. Alina is be congratulated on recently graduating in Law at Craiova University with the highest possible grade.

In December 2007 she was officially invested as a lawyer in the community of Dolj County, after yet another difficult examination, which she passed with very good grades. She will now be able to work as a lawyer in an established law practice, where she will gain further experience and skills.

Alina Neagoe, o asistenta medicala care locuieste in Romania. Alina merita sa fie felicitata pentru absolvirea facultatii de Drept din cadrul Universitatii din Craiova cu cea mai mare nota posibila.

In Decembrie 2007 ea a fost admisa in Baroul de Avocati-Dolj, dupa inca un examen dificil de admitere, promovat cu rezultate foarte bune. Ea va putea sa practice de acum inainte ca avocat stagiar,cistigind astfel mai multa experienta practic.

Alexandru-Adrian Gheorghe

Alexandru-Adrian Gheorghe

Architecture student at "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe 2013

As well as: Lucretia Burdusel, Constantin Stanica and Gheorghe Enache.

La fel ca si: Lucretia Burdusel, Constantin Stanica si Gheorghe Enache.

Adrian Gheorghe, leader of the group, writes:

In 2002 we started the private project 'Alexis' which aims to rehabilitate the historical sites in my geographical area. This region is situated in the North-western part of Oltenia, at the confluence of three rivers (Jiu, Motru and Gilort) and is 200 km2 in area.

Here I have identified and studied until the present day some items of the Paleolithic, ancient, modern or contemporary history:

  1. The fossiliferous site with molluscs from Romanian II, about 3,5 million years ago from the Bilta village, Filiaşi town;
  2. The fossiliferous site from Romanian II with the same age from Meteu village, Bradesti commune;
  3. The Neolithic site from Upper Racari, Filiaşi;
  4. The Roman site Malva from lower Racari village, Bradesti commune;
  5. The Filisanu monuments from the eighteenth century - the Chapel and the Fountain, national monuments;
  6. other objectives such as the monument Three Counties of King Charles, the old cemetery of Filiaşi , the medieval village from Bilta, Filiaşi, the Fountain with cures from Bilta, Filiaşi town, and the Cross of Gheorghe Opran - 1400, etc.

All these objectives are either not homologated or are neglected by the Romanian archeological institutions mainly because they lack money. (ed: Homologation means to approve, especially to confirm officially)

The 'Alexis' project has as its first aim to gather as much information and material proof as possible which may be used in the identification and homologation of every objective and later these files and material proofs to be at the use of those qualified to do so.

We are a team of volunteers of different ages and professions, without any formal qualifications in this field, but having the strong desire to prove the existence in this area of a continuity of civilizations and cultures and to promote the above objectives in the whole world.

We strongly believe that if every individual would achieve through personal or collective effort a similar action, mankind would gain by understanding and building on a fascinating past.

We would like to mention that our efforts follow the Romanian laws and that we have a good collaboration with the National Museum of History (Professor Silviu Teodor), with the Museum of History of Oltenia (Archaeologist Exp.Dr.Arch. Dorel Petrus Bondoc, (Curriculum Vitae)), The Museum of Natural Science of Oltenia (Paleontologist Popescu Aurelian, (Curriculum Vitae) (Publications)), but the lack of funds has not yet allowed the achievement of our objectives.

Adrian Gheorghe, conducatorul grupului, spune:

In 2002 am initiat proiectul privat “Alexis” care are ca scop reabilitarea siturilor arheologice in regiunea mea. Aceasta zona este situate in Nord-vestul Olteniei, la confluenta a trei rauri (Jiu, Motru si Gilort) si are o suprafata de 200 de km2.

Aici am descoperit si studiat pana in prezent cateva artefacte apartinand paleoliticului, istoriei antice, moderne si contemporane.

  1. Situl Neolitic din Racarii de Sus, Filiaşi;
  2. Situl fosilifer din Romanian II cu aceeasi varsta din satul Meteu, comuna Bradesti;
  3. Situl Neolitic din Racarii de Sus, Filiaşi;
  4. Situl roman Malva din satul Racarii de Jos, comuna Bradesti;
  5. Monumentele Filisanu din secolul al XVIII-lea – Capela si fantana, monumente nationale;
  6. Alte obiective cum ar fi monumentul “Trei Judete” al Regelui Carol I de Romania, cimitirul vechi din Filiaşi, satul medieval Bilta, Filiaşi, “Fantana cu leacuri” din Bilta, orasul Filiaşi, si Crucea lui Gheorghe Opran – 1400 etc.;

Toate aceste obiective sunt ori neomologate, ori neglijate de catre institutiile arheologice romane, in mare parte din cauza lipsei fondurilor.(A omologa inseamna a aproba, a confirma in mod oficial).

Proiectul “Alexis” are ca prim scop acumularea a cat mai multe informatii si dovezi materiale posibile si omologarea fiecarui obiectiv, pentru ca mai tarziu, aceste dosare si dovezi materiale sa fie la dispozitia celor calificati pentru aceasta.

Suntem o echipa de voluntari de varste si profesii diferite, fara o calificare in acest domeniu, dar cu dorinta arzatoare de a demonstra existenta in aceasta zona a unei continuitati a civilizatiilor si a culturilor, si de a promova obiectivele mentionate mai sus in toata lumea.

Credem ca daca fiecare individ in parte ar ajunge prin eforturi personale si colective la o actiune similara, omenirea ar castiga intelegand si construind pe un trecut fascinant.

Am dori sa mentionam ca eforturile noastre urmeaza legile Romanesti si ca avem o buna colaborare cu Muzeul National de Istorie (Profesor Silviu Teodor), cu Muzeul de Istorie din Oltenia (Arheolog Exp.Dr.Arch. Dorel Petrus Bondoc (Curriculum Vitae)), Muzeul de Stiinte Naturale din Oltenia (Paleontolog Popescu Aurelian (Curriculum Vitae), (Publications)), dar lipsa fondurilor nu a permis inca atingerea scopurilor noastre.

medical unit
We also mention that apart from the 'Alexis' projects (the rehabilitation of the historical sites from the river Jiu basin), we also have other projects regarding the rehabilitation of medical assistance in rural areas, the medical assistance of third age persons, and the preventing of HIV transmission.

Precizam ca pe langa Proiectul 'Alexis' (reabilitarea siturilor istorice din bazinul Jiului) mai avem si alte proiecte in legatura cu asistenta medicala in zona rurala, asistenta medicala a persoanelor de varsta a treia, si prevenirea transmisiei HIV.

Photo of the Central Medical Unit, Filiaşi : Adrian Gheorghe

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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