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Romanian Architecture - Alexandru Gheorghe's site

Himalayan Hut Project
Alexandru and his father entered a competition for the design of a Himalayan Mountain Hut with an excellent project.

Bird Observation Tower Project
Alexandru and his father entered a competition for the design of a Bird Observation Tower Project with an excellent entry, as shown here. The competition entry was for an architecture project, an observation tower for bird watching in Pape Nature Park, in Latvia.

Ten Hour Project
Alexandru has created an academic project conceived and created on the ruin of Vogna Church during the last academic year, in autumn, and presented at a scientific conference May 20-21 2015. The paper may be viewed as a pdf in either Romanian or English.

Alexandru portfolio
Alexandru's Portfolio for 2016. This is a superb body of work, and vividly shows Alexandru's talents and versatility in Architecture and in presentation, from a Himalayan Mountain Hut to a Boutique Hotel including the restoration of a century old historical monument as part of the design project. He has international architectural experience, when as part of a paid internship to the U.A.E. for two months, he designed the exterior of a block of apartments in Sharjah for a client.

Alexandru CV
Alexandru's latest Curriculum Vitae.

Alexandru  Graduation Certificate
Alexandru's Certificate of Graduation as an Architect from 'Ion Mincu' University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest. His performance and grades in this degree were exemplary.

Cioroiu Nou Alexandru has made a study of Cioroiu Nou for an 'Archaeology and Architecture' course at his University, as a proposal for Cioroiu Nou site. It involves a dome, 60 m in diameter and 10 m high. The structure has a honeycomb shape, made of metal, and glass panels. Upon further archaeological study, such a model can be replicated (with different sizes) for other points of interest in the huge (over 10 hectares) area of occupation for the Roman site at Cioroiu Nou.

Ten Hour Project The Ten Hour Project - this is an excellent project prepared by Alexandru Gheorghe as part of his studies in Architecture. It is of very high standard, and especially so when one considers the very short time given for its completion. Alex prepared this project for an examination of ten hours duration a couple of weeks ago at his University. The Examination is called 'Sketch', and the students have one of these each month. The requirement is to make an entire project, without any guidance from the teachers, in just 10 hours.

Alexandru's Europass CV
Alexandru's References from the NGO Alexis Project

Copenhagen Buildings
Alexandru went to Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of his practice of Architecture course. This was a wonderful experience, and the beautiful buildings and inspiring architecture left an indelible impression on him.

family house project
Alexandru has created a project for a one-family house, Locuinta Unifamilia, an exercise to design and model a house for a family of three or four, parents and one or two children in their early teens. In addition, the house was to be designed using a Plan Liber, meaning free space, a method of design which keeps few common boundaries, and relies on thin concrete poles to sustain the slender concrete plate used as a roof. Walls are not important for structure, and glass is greatly valued for its transparency and sense of light.

architectural monuments expo
Alexandru took part in an exposition regarding architectural monuments from Transylvania, old buildings that belonged to the aristocracy of the 18th and 19th centuries. This exposition was held by the students of his University - "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, and also students from the Univeristy of Art History, all under the guidance of a very good teacher from his University - Mrs Anca Bratuleanu - architect, specialist in architecture history and restoration, a very dedicated and enthusiastic person.

Alexandru paper roof

Part of Alexandru's classes are about the technical issues of architecture, and one of those is called "Geometrie descriptiva", something which can be translated as "Descriptive geometry", with specific geometrical problems to be solved. He decided to make this assignment a bit more interesting and started thinking about a scale model out of...paper!


Alexandru Gheorghe has been accepted into the Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism "Ion Mincu" - the Architecture University in Bucharest, because of his outstanding results in examinations and submitted projects.

church sketches

As part of Alexandru Gheorghe's studies, he completed these sketches of old traditional houses from Romania and also some churches, many of them renovated, but still keeping the traditional style and workmanship.


Display of Alexandru Gheorghe's Casa de Artist project at an important art exhibition by the prominent painter, Tiberius Adet, in Ploiesti.

casa de artist

Casa de Artist means Artist's House, and this page documents a project by Alexandru Gheorghe for his studies in architecture.

nineteen hundreds
Romanian Houses from the early 1900s have the specific architecture of that time, one called Neoromanesc or the New Romanian style. They have elaborate decorations, that would have looked fabulous back when they were built.

This building of the Pridvor or Cerdac type is considered to be one of the oldest still standing in the city of Bucuresti, Romania, as it was built in the year 1859. The architectural style however is not local, it looks like the house of a wealthy villager from the counties around Bucharest and it is very likely that it was part of one of the villages that surrounded Bucharest 150 years ago and finally became part of the city as we know it today.

A Chirpici house in Bucuresti, Romania. Chirpici means mud mixed with straw, and this material was applied with bare hands on a wooden structure to create the actual walls of the house. This method was used a very long time ago, but it can still be found in rural areas, where old houses survived.

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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