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Stancu Family Heroes

 Stancu Dumitru

Sergeant Stancu Dumitru, Hero of Romania

Dr Adrian Gheorghe writes:

Stancu Barbu was not the only hero of my ancestors. I have included (above) a very old picture of my grandfather, Sergeant Stancu Dumitru. He was wounded during WWI, and was the father of the hero Stancu Barbu, and also the father of my mother, Maria.

Grave site

In this photograph Alexandru, Adrian's son, places his hand over the grave of another hero of our family, Sub Lieutenant Stancu Constantin, who died during WWII, the son of a brother of Stancu Dumitru.

Also, just nearby this grave is the grave of another hero, a pharmacist, who died during WWII, called Stancu Dumitru (Bebica).

There are six heroes in my family, most from WWII.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe, 2011

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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