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S.O.S. Vogna

Ghost Church of Goiesti

This Ghost Church of the Goiesti region was once the religious and cultural and societal hub of a district which had the wealth to erect it and pay for its fittings and paintings, and for priests to conduct services here.

When the village became poor for whatever reason, and the people moved away, the wooden houses soon collapsed, decayed and disappeared, but the church, being made of fired brick, still survives, though it is now in a parlous state of disrepair.

It bears mute testimony to the people who once supported it, but who have now disappeared.

Visitors may see here more information about the Vogna Church in the Goiesti Region, and the efforts that have been made to gather data about this important part of Romanian Culture and Heritage.


ONG Alexis Project se afla la capatul unui drum de aproape zece ani de activitate in identificarea,salvarea si promovarea Patrimoniului cultural, istoric si de mediu din regiunea Oltenia, interval de timp in care distante enorme au fost parcurse, sute de obiective evaluate si numeroase proiecte initiate, totul prin auto-finantare si voluntariat, din dorinta acuta a stabilirii unui model de implicare, destinat fiecarui om in valorificare TEZAURULUI regional prin universalizare.

Consideram ,dupa acumularea cantitativa a proiectelor Alexis, sa vina vremea saltului calitativ care sa confirme, sau nu, valoarea acestui tip de activitate si concept. Astfel, a fost desemnat proiectul VOGNA sa exprime efortul de conservare a Patrimoniului , in esenta sa profund istorica, prin reabilitarea unor ruine din sec.XIX la fosta lor destinatie de cult si reculegere.

Elementele acestui proiect Alexis sunt etalate pe site-ul ONG-ului,la dosarul bisericii Vogna, esalonate modular, functie de resurse, pana la finalul apoteotic de reanviere a unui lacas de cult crestin, daca Dumnezeu si oamenii vor permite acest lucru! Evident, avem nevoie de resurse, scop in care am editat prezentul APEL, destinat prietenilor Alexis, indiferent de cuantumul sau forma acestui sprijin , fara de care NU vom putea derula palnul nostru indraznet!

Desigur, stam la dispozitia oricui cu date suplimentare (documente, proceduri, proiecte si planuri) pentru consolidarea mesajului de sprijin. Contam,indeosebi,pe faptul ca, urmare a verificarii faptelor prin trecerea timpului, ne cunoasteti deja si aveti ACUM prilejul sa contribuiti material sau spiritual la efortul nostru, cu totul deosebit.

ORICE fel de feed-back va fi mai mult decit bine primit, avem nevoie de incurajare si resurse, este pentru prima oara cind aplicam un proiect de acest tip, bazati pe impresia profunda a unui monument religios demult mort peste care,daca esti atent,se aud clopotele de argint ale trecutului si vocile melodioase ale slujbei de seara,intr-o vale de Rai, intre dealurile impadurite, acolo unde nimic nu mai este si totul poate fi! Ajutati sa cante din nou clopotele Vognei,in memoria celor demult disparuti dar vii,inca,in inimile dumneavoastra!Multumim!

Echipa ONG Alexis Project.


Alexis NGO Project has been a force for more than ten years in the identification, rescue and promotion of cultural heritage, history and environment in the region of Oltenia. The time taken and distance travelled was enormous, and many hundreds of projects with valuable targets initiated, all self-financing and voluntary, with the desire to establish a model of involvement for everyone in the universalisation of regional capitalisation.

We believe, after many Alexis projects, a leap is needed now to confirm the value of this type of activity and concept.

Thus, this project was designed to express the Vogna Heritage conservation effort, deeply historical in its essence, for the rehabilitation of the 19th century ruins to their former purpose of worship and prayer.

Alexis project elements are displayed on the website of this NGO on the file Vogna church, in modular installments, depending on resources, so that by the end of the revived church, a Christian place of worship will be recreated if God and the people will allow it!

Obviously, we need resources, to which end we have published this call, Alexis for friends, regardless of the amount or form of support, without which we could not accomplish our bold plan!
We welcome the input of anyone with additional data (documents, procedures, plans and projects) to strengthen this message of support.

We have made every effort to understand the facts of this venture, and we have the opportunity to contribute our effort for the reconstruction of a very special spiritual structure.

Any feedback will be more than welcome, we need encouragement and resources when starting for the first time a project of this type, and rely on a deep impression of an old religious monument from which, if we are successful, silver bells will be heard from the voices of the past and the religious songs of the evening, in a valley of heaven, between wooded hills, where there is nothing and everything can be!

Help the Vogna bells sing again, in memory of the long dead but alive, yet, in your hearts! Thank you!

From the Alexis NGO Project Team.

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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