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Alexandru Gheorghe's Architecture Site

The Ruin - Space for Architectural Experiment

Adrian Alexandru Gheorghe

Architecture Student, University of Architecture and Urbanism 'Ion Mincu', Bucharest
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Alexandru has created an academic project conceived and created on the ruin of Vogna Church during the last academic year, in autumn, and presented at a scientific conference May 20-21 2015.

The paper may be viewed as a pdf in either Romanian or English.

Photo: Alexandru Gheorghe 21st May 2015

The RO and ENG versions of the text can also be found online here:

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There is a specific type of construction (fragments, ruins or nonfunctional buildings), that can present an opportunity for experimenting with structures, materials, techniques and approach concepts. For this one can use unclassified ruins, with some architectural interest, or historical monuments from category B, that have suffered significant damage.

I shall briefly present three examples of unclassified buildings, now in ruins or nonfunctional - the Economu mansion, the church from Vladimiri and the church from Vogna - all from the 19th century, from the municipality of Goiesti, Dolj county, that represent opportunities for experiment, detailing the last one, where, as part of a 5th year academic project, I proposed a protective structure from lamellar wood, metal and glass, taking the landscape and climate particularities into account . This structure protects the ruin from weather and main winds on the North-South direction, allows for good view of the architectural details at all levels, through a circular ramp, leaving the silhouette of the church visible from the main access road - the significant view direction - and creates a high point for observation through a bell tower.

The main task was to keep the ruin in the condition it was first identified, as it is present in the collective memory and as it shows on it the signs of time and events passing by. The fact that the ruin - unclassified - is already strongly affected by the passing of time, has small dimensions and does not show exceptional volumetric particularities has allowed for a great freedom of expression of the experimental structure, which attempted to treat the church as if it were a monument in terms of non-intrusion and reversibility of the intervention. I consider that, through such attempts, solutions and principles can be found, to apply them to classified historical monuments, of greater architectural significance.

pdf in romanian pdf in english

The paper may be viewed as a pdf in either Romanian or English.

Ruin view

The renders present the general view and the detailed one for the proposal, but also the atmosphere created after applying this structure on the existent ruin.

A special place in the new aesthetics is reserved for the light play that the sun rays, filtered through the composing elements, create on the walls and the shadows that underline certain areas.

Photo: Alexandru Gheorghe 27th November 2015

Ruin elevation

The elevations and sections show the way in which the experimental structure for protection and highlighting relates to the existing ruin and the way in which this one is surrounded by the walkway.

The form and size of this were conceived so that it allows the flow of visits in both ways, ascending and descending.

Photo: Alexandru Gheorghe 27th November 2015

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


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